Symposium / Monday 2:15-5:00PM

Electrical Incident Reviews and Case Studies Symposium: What Can We Learn?

Moderator: Ron Widup, Shermco Industries

Remember the time you witnessed a 480-volt fault first hand? And if you heard it more than once that "shotgun blast" was likely the same sound each time. Have you seen the effects a medium-voltage electrical arc flash can have on the human body? What can we learn from these incidents?

There are many documented cases of electrical equipment failures or injury from electrical contact or burns. This symposium will present several case studies, provide opinions as to the cause, and more importantly, actions that could have been taken to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. We can always learn from our life experiences and knowledge... this session will capitalize on this concept with experts in the industry providing insight and analysis to help us in our quest to live an incident-free existence in the world of electrical power. Don't miss this very informative session!


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