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Megger Best Practices

9:00AM - 4:00PM

Transformer Diagnostics – An Efficient and Effective Approach
(Presenter: Diego Robalino)
Fundamental electrical testing, as described in the international standards, has been enhanced with a number of advanced features, making transformer testing a more comprehensive and enjoyable task.  An efficient and effective approach to determine the condition of power and distribution transformers based on state-of-the-art technology and field best practices will be discussed in this presentation.
Safe Testing Practices of HV Circuit Breakers using Dual Ground Technique
(Presenter: Robert Foster)
With the latest advances in timing technology technicians are able to time a circuit breaker with both sides grounded, making the test safer, easier, and more efficient.  The benefits and the application of this technique will be discussed using some field examples.
Low Resistance Measurements Within Protection Circuits: Field Challenges
(Presenter: Daniel Carreno)
Performing electrical tests on devices that are part of a protection circuit is not a trivial task, even when performing a simple test such as low resistance measurement. The presentation will discuss some of the implications when performing the aforementioned test and recommendations to prevent unwanted disturbances to a protection system. 
Current Transformer Field Testing – A Novel Approach
(Presenter: Dinesh Chhajer)
Performing IEEE and NETA recommended tests on all the CTs of a circuit breaker or transformer can be a time consuming task. A unique testing approach will be shared that reduces the overall testing time to less than half making testing fast, easy, reliable and accurate in the challenging field environment.
Understanding Feeder Protection Testing Concepts
(Presenter: Mohit Sharma)
The presentation will explain the fundamentals of feeder protection scheme. It will discuss in detail how this concept is implemented in protective relays along with its associated protective elements. A comprehensive overview of element based testing will be provided. Additionally, the topic will share some of the challenges experienced out in the field when testing this protection system.
The Future of Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing
(Presenter: Volney Naranjo)
Traditionally most of the requirements for primary current injection testing on low voltage circuit breakers are fulfilled manually such as current regulation by adjusting the output current, recording of tripping times, interpretation of manufacturer’s curve from old and difficult to read printouts and many others. This session will illustrate the new testing approach with a fully automated technique that ensures accurate settings, signal regulation and result assessment, with a smaller and lighter instrument.
Art of Fault Location on Medium Voltage Cables
(Presenter: Jason Souchak)
Finding faults on a buried medium voltage cable is part art and part science, no two faults are exactly the same.  This presentation will discuss a safe and reliable technique, proven to effectively locate faults.


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