8:00 AM-10:00 AM | Relay Troubleshooting Seminar

Speakers: Ryan McDaniel, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Want to know some basics about troubleshooting application problems with protective relays? This session will guide you through troubleshooting techniques using common distribution, transformer, and motor protection relays.

 Topics of this tutorial include:

  • Troubleshooting problems, such as reclosing and logic settings issues, with a distribution feeder relay.
  • Troubleshooting problems, such as current differential winding compensation settings issues, with a transformer protection relay.
  • Troubleshooting problems, such as thermal element and motor lockout issues, with a motor protection relay.

REQUIREMENTS: For full participation, attendees must have the most current version of ACSELERATOR QuickSet® SEL-5030 and SEL-5601-2 SYNCHROWAVE® Event Software installed prior to this event, as well as a calculator. Attendees must be familiar with how to connect to relays, send and receive settings, and download event reports. It is recommended that attendees have experience applying relays for transformers and distribution lines


8:00 AM- 12:00 PM | Doble Laboratory Seminar, Part Two *

The Doble Laboratory Seminar is designed for engineers, chemists, and others responsible for reviewing data to interpret laboratory results to detect and identify problems within electric apparatus. The seminar combines theoretical background with practical experience and hands-on examples including case studies illustrating common problems found in the field.           

  • Learn about the quality of oils on the market today
  • Discover how knowing about the aging characteristics of insulating materials can help you extend the life of your transformer
  • Learn how to take oil samples, avoid common pitfalls and save time and money by sampling only once
  • Diagnose apparatus problems with dissolved gas-in-oil analysis
  • Find out how to assess the condition of paper insulation
  • Detect the presence of incipient-fault conditions and categorize them
  • Establish the correct method of analyzing moisture-in-oil results
  • Study the significance of dissolved and particulate metals and other particle contamination found in electrical apparatus
  • Understand how to determine the condition of electric apparatus using laboratory tests
  • Diagnostics and condition assessment for LTCs and Bulk Oil Breakers based on oil test

*Please note that the Doble Laboratory Seminar, presented in two parts on Wednesday and Thursday, is an add-on to the overall PowerTest TV event that is only available to attendees registered specifically for it. There is an additional cost of $220 associated with this seminar.

8:00 AM | Morning Technical Seminars

1:15 PM | Afternoon Technical Seminars

1:15 PM | Afternoon Technical Seminars
Partial Discharge Testing of Electrical Equipment: Implementing Existing Technologies and Methods
Speakers: Tom Sandri, Shermco Industries

1:15 PM | Afternoon Technical Seminars
Primer on Transformer Diagnostic Testing
Speakers: Brandon Dupuis and Charles Sweetser, OMICRON electronics Corp. USA

1:15 PM | Afternoon Technical Seminars
Understanding Transformer Protection
Speakers: Scott Cooper, OMICRON electronics Corp. USA